3 Things to Arrange When Pet Dog Pass Away

What are essential things to arrange when my dog die? Is there any formality? Which procedures do you need to follow for the cremation? It is not easy for most of the homeowners to deal with the death of their beloved pet. They love the pets as the family and the loss seems irreparable. But when a dog dies, the first thing that comes to your mind is what to do with the remains.

Pet Dog Pass Away

You might prefer to bury your dog in your backyard or can consider a pet crematory depending on your preference. If you want to keep the memories alive forever, you can consider burying in your premises. Otherwise, a pet crematory will be the right option. You can arrange this yourself or you can contact a crematory to collect the remaining from your home. They will also return the dog’s ashes to you in a vessel of your choice.

Home Cremation

Most of the homeowners prefer home burial, especially when their pet dies at home. They like to give them rest in the same place where they have enjoyed their life. But you will have to go through some legality while considering a home burial. The legalities will vary depending on your living area.

Many cities do not allow the burials in the residential areas. Therefore, it is important to call the local police to know the legalities of your area. If your law does not allow home burial, then you will be left with one alternative that is pet crematory. We will discuss pet crematory in the following paragraphs.

If your area allows home burial, then you need to follow certain procedures for burial. You will have to wrap the remaining in a sheet and then you can place it in a heavy-duty plastic bag. If you want to store the body temporarily, then you will have to refrigerate it. At the time of burial, you will have to dig a deep grave at least three feet to give rest to your pet.

When home burial is not an option

If home burial is prohibited in your area or you are not interested in home burial, then you can contact a pet crematory. It will enable the dog-owners to bury their dog in an individually marked grave depending on cremation options. They will do the cremation and will store the ashes in a memorial wall. You can also get back the ashes.

Pet Dog Pass Away

If you do not want to visit a pet crematory to avoid the cost, then you can ask your vet to take care of it. Your vet will organize the cremation with other deceased animals. But in that case, you will not get the ashes. The ashes will be disposed of. You will not be able to participate in the cremation process as well. Besides, there will be three types of cremation. These are private, communal and individual cremation.

Private Cremation

In the private cremation, your pet will be placed in a cremation chamber and you will get the remains in an urn. Your friends and family members can attend the process as well.

Individual Cremation

In this procedure, your dog will be cremated individually. Only ten percent of the dog owners consider individual cremation. You will find different types of the creation options including an urn for storing ashes, a decorative timber basket for storing ashes, and a scatter box for scattering boxes.

All these options are popular and it is up to owners to decide on one. You can consider the cremation anytime between two days to two weeks. The entire process will be simple and hassle-free for the pet owners.

Whether your dog dies at a vet or at your home, you need to contact the crematory to collect the body. They will collect the body and will do the cremation on their premises. They can personally come to return the ashes as well.

The process will be more or less similar. They will either use gas or oil for the cremation. Once it is done, the ashes will be cooled down and then it will be handed over to the pet owners. Some crematories also issue the death certificates.

Communal Cremation

In this process, your pet will be cremated with other animals. You will not be allowed to see the process and to get the ashes. The ashes will be buried in common burial ground. They can also scatter the ashes in the sea. This is a cost-effective option.

In a pet crematory, there are different types of the funeral options. They can have a chapel service or memorial service with the music of your choice, poetry reading, and even refreshments. It can be similar to a human funeral. But you will have to spend more for this service.

Only one percent of the dog owners consider memorial service. It will take around twenty minutes. The pet owners will have memorial booklets with music, prayer, and open casket viewing. This will be the best funeral to your beloved pet. In addition, you can visit the grave to pay respect to your dog just as you visit a human grave.

Pet Dog Pass Away

What will be cost?

The cost can vary significantly depending on company. It will cost you an affordable amount. If you consider a memorial service, you might need to spend something hefty. Pet cremation grounds are popular due to many reasons. It is cheaper and hassle-free. Moreover, it helps them to take ashes when they return back to the house.

What are the formalities?

There will be different types of the formalities depending on exact cremation process. But you will have to do some paperwork soon after the death of your pet. You need to inform the local council about the death. Besides, if you have a pet insurance, you will have to inform the insurer. A death certificate will not be required for the cremation. Even the vets are not authorized to issue a death certificate. You can get the death certificate from the cremation authorities.
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