7 Weird Pet Allergies

Did you know that your canine pal or feline friend, and other animals can suffer from allergies just like humans do? While a person's allergy would typically be prominent on specific body parts or present recognizable symptoms, it can be tricky when it comes to pets. They might be seen scratching, biting, exhibit swelling, hair loss, or look quite uncomfortable due to an allergic reaction. What's surprising is it can be triggered from their very own food sources or environments most other pets would usually fare well. Here are some weird pet allergies every pet owner should know, and watch out for when giving their pet the highest quality of life.

Pets Allergies

1. Cats

No, this is not linked to the battle between cats and dogs, but it's true that there are some dogs could be allergic to cats! In humans, cat allergies are actually twice as common as dog allergies, and your very own dog could have it. Contrary to common belief, this is not due to the cat's fur itself, rather from dander that's made up of tiny cells shed by their fur or hair and come as dried flakes or skin. It may also be sourced from the proteins found in the cat's saliva and urine. In this case, a solution to your dog's cat allergy is an allergy shot. Daily vacuuming, bathing cats in the same house regularly, and making use of allergen-reducing types of air filters.

2. Grass

Think of animals and nature. What often comes to mind is a haven for animals, where puppies and kitties would run around, play, roll, and break-free! However, in a cruel twist of fate, some pets can be allergies to grass and cannot fully enjoy the lush, flourishing greens in the outdoors. The symptoms include sneezing, scratching, and eventually losing hair. There are dogs who suffer a violent reaction even with just the slightest contact with a single blade of grass. One dog was believed to have a virulent form of hay fever, aside from having an allergy to lamb, wheat, and beef at the same time. This shows how some poor pets can possibly have multiple allergies! The dog thrives on a vegetarian diet, while some survive on a potato and porridge diet provided by their loving owners.

There's also one horse who had to wear a suit that looks like a jumper along with leg warmers. Why? It's for her own protection and safety, because merely one grass blade is enough to get the animal gasping for breath and end up covered in painful boils! The eyes of the horse are also protected by a mask. What then would this animal eat? A special diet without grass, of course, along with anti-histamine tablets on a daily basis. Grass pet allergies can be due to different types of grass and tests can be done to determine the culprit. Treatment options include antihistamines, steroids, or avoiding pet exposure to grass. Sometimes, all it takes would be getting some doggie boots which does not only grant your dog the freedom to savour nature, but would look adorable wearing them. You can then let your pet run free in the fields or have some bonding time at the park without worrying too much.

Pets Allergies

3. Mud

Pigs have sheer delight wallowing in a mud bath. They aren't big drinkers and love to sunbathe, and playing and rolling over in mud serves a better purpose of keeping a pig healthy. Would you believe that some of these cute animals can be allergic to mud? This rare instance can lead to sunburn and serious problems without being able to cool down, like dehydration or skin cancer. Just like in dogs, wearing four little boots can make a difference. Many domesticated pigs are kept indoors, away from the sun and the dangers mud can bring.

4. Carpet

Dogs can strangely have allergic reactions to a carpet, whether a newly bought floor covering or one that just came out from the carpet cleaners. This is caused by some of the chemicals used, which makes it difficult to determine what exactly triggered the reaction. Allergies can show up on your pet's feet or stomach as a red rash. The best solution is to remove the carpet from the pet's surroundings and area where they would usually hang out. If possible, use a cleaner that did not cause some kind of allergic reaction before. Bathing a dog with oatmeal shampoo can help remove chemicals from your four-legged friend's skin.

5. Feathers

Feather pet allergies can come from a bird itself, but not necessarily from the animal's feathers. Like the allergen in cats, it's from dander that's created whenever a feather shaft breaks down. This kind of weird pet allergy means an animal could also be allergic to down in blankets and pillows, so it's a wise choice to avoid these materials within your home.

Pet Allergies

6. Cigarette Smoke

Smoking is not only bad for humans with the adverse effects it has on health, which can even lead to death of individuals. Cigarette smoke can affect man's best friend too. Some dogs prone to smoke in their environment are most likely to develop allergic dermatitis upon inhaling or absorbing the cigarette smoke. Symptoms include scratching, biting, and inflammations on some areas of the body, which commonly occur near their legs or around the mouth.

7. Carrots

By now, you would have guessed which animal this food serves an an allergy trigger. Among the weird pet allergies is a pet rabbit allergic to its staple food source- carrots and lettuce. Well, rabbits eating mainly carrots is apparently only a myth. Carrots are high in sugar and are best given only as occasional treats. Rabbits need a variety of food inclusive of a lot of grass or dust-free hay, leafy greens, and a measured serving of pellets to avoid teeth and tummy issues.

Some types of lettuce, such as iceberg, contain laudanum which can truly be harmful when consumed in large amounts. Other lettuces are worse than others, where's light-colored leaves usually have high water content and just very little nutritional value. Darker and fibrous varieties are recommended, but must be gradually introduced to a rabbit's diet.
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