How To Choose The Right Pet Cremation Service?

For some families pets are very special family members and for that reason they have to be cared properly not only when they are alive but also after their death. You can find various service providers in Singapore who can provide dedicated services when non-human member of your family dies. They offer dedicated burial or cremation for your special companion after his death. But choosing a pet cremation service can a daunting task if you do not know how they will treat you pet after his death. We are one of the most dedicated cremation service providers for pets. You should choose us for the reasons briefly discussed here under.

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Choosing a pet cremation service

While choosing a pet cremation service people consider a number of things like:

Availability of service provider: The pet cremation service provider should be ready to pick your pet from home at any time, day or night. Their staff should be available 24x7 to answer the phone calls in this regard. They may charge minimally if they have to pick your pet after routine working hours or on holidays or weekend.

Pick up service from hospital: The cremation service provider you choose in Singapore should be able to pick up your pet from your home or from an animal or vet hospital. Though some vet hospitals also offer cremation service for the pets through some other service provider but in that case you may not get proper information about the cremation and remains of your pet. In fact it is you to decide about handling of the remains of your pet.

How they handle your pet: Some pet cremation service providers prefer to store your pet in a freezer or a plastic bag until you pick him up. But it is not a right to store a dead pet in a freezer or plastic bag as he must be kept safe wrapped in a blanket in a dignified manner. So you should choose one who keeps your pet’s body respectfully until you reach there to pick up him for his cremation.

Schedule of removing pets: Some cremation service providers working with certain vet clinics may have some fixed schedule to pick up dead pets for cremation but the pet cremation service you choose should remove the pet immediately instead of following a fixed schedule. They must be ready to meet you wherever you fix an appointment with them to meet, either at your home of vet’s office, to pick up your pet after his death. They must contact you immediately or as soon as possible, if there is some shortage of staff.

Transportation of the pet: The cremation service provider you choose must have adequate and suitable transportation facility for the pet as well as its human companions to carry them to their crematorium in a dignified manner.

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Storage of pet until cremation: Your pet should be kept safe until his cremation when a pet cremation service provider carries him to his crematorium. Though normally cremation of a pet is done on the same day but still he must be kept at 40-50 degree temperature in a thermal room to keep him safe till the time he is cremated.

Mass cremation or individual cremation: Being an important member of your family, you will never like to cremate him in mass cremation as you will not be able to get his remains in that case. So you should choose a service provider who can cremate your pet individually so that you can collect and dispose of the remains of your pet respectfully to show your love for him even after his death. Communal cremation will not be a suitable option for your departed special family member.

Recognition of pets remains: The pet cremation service provider must understand the importance of your departed non-human family member for you. They must have suitable arrangements so that the remains of your pet can be recognised easily. They must attach a metal tag to your pet even when they pick him up from your home or vet’s office so that his remains can be identified easily after his cremation. You can also ensure to get the right remains of your pet, through this tag number, when they are returned to you by the service provider.

How long will they keep the remains: Some people buy urn to keep the remains of their departed pet but if you are not willing to buy an urn then the cremation service provider should keep the remains in a dignified manner in a beautiful pouch instead of a cardboard box, cookie tin or a plastic box. The service provider should keep the remains safe at least for 48 to 72 hours so that you can plan to dispose of them conveniently.

Other service provided by the cremation service: Along with transportation of your dead pet from your home or vat’s clinic and cremating him most cremation services also offer services like fur clipping, ceramic paw printing, memorable tribute, private cremation and passing of certificate. You can choose from these services if you want to avail any as they are usually charged separately.

What about mobile cremation service: Normally mobile pet cremation services are not recommended as their cremation services are not supported by the vets. If you opt for a mobile cremation service then you may not get proper information about the picking up of your pet and his cremation as the service provider may not care about the identification of the remains of your pet. You will be unable to identify the remains of your pet so that dispose them of respectfully.

So you should choose us as your pet cremation service in Singapore as we fulfil all the points discussed above in this write-up. We have enough transportation and storage facility to keep and cremate your pet suitably and courteously. In fact our aim is not to make money only but also to develop trust among the pet owners as well as vet service providers by providing them the services as per their needs.
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I was recommended by my friend who did their dog cremation with Pet Cremation Singapore. They are very professional and they handled our pet with care and empathy. Thank you for your help.
Miss Angela (Bukit Timah)
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