Why You Should Choose Dog Cremation To Say Final Goodbye To Your Pet

A dog is considered as the most loyal friend of the human being and that is why many families consider their pet as their family member. But the lifespan of a dog is always limited to a certain number of years and a time comes when the life of your dog reaches to an end. In that situation, you need to choose a way to say goodbye to your loved pet. There are two options that you can choose for this and that include burial and dog cremation. Most of the people in Singapore prefer to choose the dog cremation option because of various reasons. And if you are also looking a way to say the final goodbye to your pet in Singapore, then I would advise you to opt for the dog cremation. I am giving this recommendation to you because of various reasons and I am sharing few of the reasons below with you.

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Practical in Singapore:

In Singapore, space is a big issue and you may not find a place easily for the burial of your pet. If you have a house that is big enough for burying your pet, then you can do that, but that is not a practical solution for most of the dog owners. At the other hand, if you choose to go ahead for the dog cremation, then it will not need any kind of extra space or complication. They take your dog, they do the process of cremation and then you get ashes of your pet in a jar. Now you can keep that jar with your or you can spread the ashes in the sea according to your specific rituals.


When you bury the pet in an area, then that place become almost useless for any kind of natural growth. You cannot plant trees in that area and if you will plant some trees then no one will use the fruits of that plan due to that burial. If you are living in Singapore, where even a square foot of land is valuable, then you cannot think about wasting any open space that is good for trees or plants. In other words, by burying a dog in a space, you affect the environment. At the other hand, if you choose the dog cremation option, then you will not have to deal with such complications. The place will always remain useful and it will help the nature as well.

Pet Creamtion

Cost-effective solution:

As I said earlier, the place is not cheap in Singapore and you may need to invest a lot of money to find a proper burial place for your dog. Also, you may need to purchase a casket for burning which is not cheap in any manner. At the other hand, you don’t have to purchase a casket for dog cremation. If you want to buy it, it is your choice, but that is not mandatory. You can wrap your pet in a cotton blanket and you can give it for dog cremation services. After that, they will do everything and they will give ashes back to you. This entire process cost a fraction of money compared to the expenses that you can pay for the burial process. So that is one more reason to choose dog cremation over burial.

Take less time from you:

The entire process of dog cremation does not take longer than 45 minutes to one hour. In some cases, it can be even quicker depending on the size of the dog that you opted and type of cremation that you selected. This less consumption of time is defiantly a big thing that you would never get with dog burial. In the burial process, you may end up spending several hours and sometimes days as well because you will need to plan for several things. Also, your interaction might be needed for everything that will also increase your time expenses in the entire process.

Pet Creamtion

The process is easy for you:

For dog cremation, you don’t have to worry much about the complication in anyways. For that, you can simply call to the services provider for dog cremation and they will do all the things for you. Also, it does not matter where your dog is, agencies can pick it from the specific place and they will finish the process. If remains of your dog are in the hospital, then you can ask the service provider to collect the pet from there and if your dog died at your home, then you can ask them to visit your home. They will certainly come to your specific place and they will make sure the dog cremation process is completed in a seamless process. So, if you have this thing in your mind and you want to get the best result then you should choose dog cremation process instead of burial.

A proper goodbye:

One more thing that you can do with dog cremation is that you can say a proper goodbye to your dog. Finding a good place for dog burial may not be easy in Singapore and sometimes people drive away from Singapore and they bury their dog without any process. But if you choose the dog cremation option, then you can spread the ashes with dignity and you can say a proper goodbye to him. So, that is defiantly a big benefit that can encourage you to choose this option.

So, if you want to say goodbye to your dog, then dog cremation is the only option that I would recommend to you. But when you choose this option, then make sure you choose a reputable and trustworthy agency for this. And if you can choose a reputable agency, then this is certain that you will have the best outcome, you will need to spend less money and you will be able to get a quick response as well. Other than this, you will also have other benefits as well that you may not get if you try the burial of your dog for same.
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