Some Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Preferred Pet Company

The loss of a pet is a blow that can hit you as hard as the loss of a loved one. Many people in today’s society regard pets generally as their children. They regard them as their close companions. The role of the contemporary pet in Singapore has changed from a more subtle companion role to a much more pronounced role as a beloved friend. You regularly hear stories on the internet of how somebody’s dog saved them from destruction. This is because modern studies have indicated that dogs and even cats can help one to ease depression and anxiety.

Choosing Preferred Pet Company

With all these life changing features that your pet could potentially bring to you, losing it could be an unprecedented catastrophe. It could potentially be the most difficult time of your life. You could end up distraught. The modern Singaporean is not a person to just throw away the remains of their pet in the dumping site or bury them in a random location. Because of the significance of the pet to the modern Singaporean, they would much rather afford them a proper send off. One of the best ways to send off your beloved pet is via cremation.

Professional services

In order to cremate your pet you need to find the right company. The right cremation company does not mean a company that will simply burn your pet into ashes. The right cremation company is one that will take proper care of all the needs of your pet’s afterlife. To attain this the company that you select has to be professional. It has to have a proper commitment to help you through this hard time of your life. They require a team of friendly and professional experts who are completely understanding of the hard time you are undergoing. This will help make it easier for you. Do not just walk into any random pet cremation shop in Singapore to get cremation services.

Fake ashes scandal

Make sure you do your due diligence in the particular cremation shop that you choose to select. Check for the reputation of the company both online and from your peers to make sure that they are legitimate enough in the industry. This is following the “fake” ashes scandal that recently hit Singapore. This was a case wherein one cremation company ordered for a proper analysis of the cremation industry following the scenario where one of the companies in the industry was alleged to be giving the owners of the pet’s ashes that were fake. By fake these ashes were not the genuine ashes from their pets but just random ashes generated from burning other things. This was a scandal that even made it to the news.

Choosing Preferred Pet Company

A pet owner filed a police report against the company. This was following the company giving him sand and other ashy substances that were really not the ashes of his beloved dog. The company, of course, denied it. However, on further research it was discovered that the company in question was not even among the registered cremation service providers in Singapore.

Black sheep

This was a blow that really hit the pet cremation industry hard. However, most of the approved pet cremation companies went ahead to try and change this negative reputation. It sought to do so by saying that this company as in no way a representation of the status of the whole industry. The CEO of the company said that all that company was is a black sheep in the industry. He claimed that in every business there will never lack a black sheep. The CEO of this company claimed that numerous concerned pet owners even called his phone to enquire about the validity of this news.

Factors to consider

Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing your preferred pet company are:

• The pet cremation company should offer collection services for your deceased pet. Your pet most likely passed in a veterinary office and you would not want the pain of having to carry it yourself to the cremation service station.

• The pet company should give you one major guarantee. This is individual pet cremation. There is nothing as sad as the company cremating the remains of your pet alongside the remains of others. The results of this is a potential mixing of the ashes from your pet and the ashes from another pet. So you might end up not paying homage to your particular pet which is simply sad.

Choosing Preferred Pet Company

• The company should offer you delivery of the ashes of your pet right to your home. This will save you the painful journey to the store. This is also an essential because, following the loss of your pet, you might not be in the right state of mind. If you go out to drive in that state the consequences could potentially be catastrophic.

How to prove the ashes are those of your pet

The pet cremation company that you choose should have an identification process that is guaranteed. This is a process that many of the cremation companies in Singapore are adopting following the fake ashes scandal. The identification process is simple. After your pet is collected following its demise, the company collects all the information pertaining to it. This information includes its name, breed and surname if it has one. All this information is used to assign your pet with a unique identification number.

The pet cremation company should understand of the love you had for your pet and as a result should leave nothing to chance. They should have a proper commitment to making sure your pet is well honored after its demise. They should, therefore, give you a guarantee that you will only get the remains of your own pet.


There are numerous pet cremation companies in Singapore and some of them are quite professional. They are located all over the country. To find them all you simply go to the internet. Make sure you do your due diligence before acquiring the services of any cremation company. However, the likelihood of getting fake ashes is quite low and was unheard of until that incident.
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