How To Tell If Your Dog Is Overweight

A research that was conducted recently by an independent institution reveled that majority who people who own dogs as pet are not aware that their dogs are overweight. Just like humans, overweight dogs have high risk of suffering from diseases such as arthritis, liver disease or dysfunction, lower immune system , decrease stamina, heat intolerance, diabetes ,high blood pressure anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) tumours, skin diseases among many others. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that you dog is in good health. However, unlike the past where most people had more time to spend with their pets, tough economy has forced many people to spend more time at work. As a result, many pet owners in Singapore are living with dogs that are overweight without even knowing. In addition to that, many pet owners usually think that only humans can gain weight and become obese and as result, they don’t take their dog’s health seriously. What you give to your dog what it will become. So how can you tell if your dog is overweight? In this article, we are going to give you proven tips that will help you know if your dog is overweight.

Pets Overweight

1. Dull and slow

One main sign that can tell if you dog is overweight is the way it responds to your command. Overweight dogs are usually slow and dull. When you give it demand, it choose to assume or it will respond very slowly. In most cases it will choose to hide and sleep instead of engaging in playful activities or socializing with other dogs or family members. If your dog is not interested to do things that it used to enjoy before then it is probably overweight. However, sometimes your dog may be dull and slow not because it is overweight but because it is sick. It is therefore very important to investigate so as to be sure that the dullness and slowness is as a result of being overweight.

2. Unable to groom

Dog experts say that a healthy dog is supposed to groom itself without struggling. If you realize that your dog is unable to groom itself or it is struggling to groom, then that is a clear sign that your dog is overweight. Unless your dog is suffering from other medical conditions, it should be able to groom itself with ease. If is struggling, then it is time to take action.

Pets Overweight

3. Unable to move around easily

A healthy dog that is in good shape should be able to move around easily. If you realize that your dog is having a hard time to get up or lie down then that is a clear sign that it is overweight (unless there are medical issues that it preventing it to be active). If you dog is having a hard time getting in and out of its house. Dogs are supposed to get up and own as well as move easily because they are actually an athletic species. If you realize that it you dog cannot even do a simple jump, then that is a clear indication that it has gained too much weight.

4. If you are not able to feel its rib

According to dog experts, a normal dog that is in good shape should have rib that can easily be felt. Under normal circumstances, you should be able to feel your dog’s rib just by touching the dog without pressing. However, if you find it had to feel the dog’s ribs unless you push hard through the layers, then that is a clear indication that you dog has put on so much weight and it needs help.

5. No definite shape

A dog is supposed to have a definite shape that distinct it from other breeds of dogs. However, when a dog gains too much weight, it normally loose it shape. All breads of dogs have their own definite shape. If you notice that you dog has gain to much weight to a point where it looks different when compared to other dogs from its breed, then that a clear that your dog is overweight. Each dog needs to have its own definite shape that distinguishes it from others. For instance, a dog is supposed a well-defined waist, chest and stomach. However, if you are unable to see this because your dog actually looks like a sausages, then your dog is overweight.

Pets Overweight

6. Difficulties when it comes to breathing

Just like human being overweight dogs also have difficulties in breathing. If your dog seem to pant a lot just after a simple walk or run then chances are that it is overweight. This also applies when your dog starts to pant even when it is not hot. A dog that runs out of breath quickly is out of shape and probably overweight.

7. Frequent constipation

Various clinical studies have revealed that dogs that are overweight or obese usually tend to have too much gas. In addition to that, they also tend to have digestive problem including problems like constipation. Therefore, if you notice that your dog is constipating regularly then chances are that the problem is as a result of too much weight.

In conclusion, as a pet owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is in good shape. This means that you need to give your dog healthy foods that will prevent it from adding weight. In addition to that, you need to ensure that your dog is active to help prevent weight gain. It is therefore very important to incorporate exercises to your dog’s daily routine. Taking your dog to your local vet for regular check up is also very important. A qualified vet will not only detect if your dog is overweight but will explain to you the dangers of your dog being overweight as well as what you need to do to get it back in good shape. Taking good care of your dog will not only help prevent it from becoming overweight but you will also help to improve its overall health, a factor that will improve its quality of life.
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