Loss Of A Pet - Cremation Or Burial

Cremation seems to have only one thing going for it in my eyes and that would be the cost. But there are a few things to note if you're starting to sway towards this side of the argument. The cremation business is a highly lucrative and unregulated industry. Most crematoriums will not give any special consideration to the fact that what they are about to burn is a beloved member of someone's family. Most of the time your pet will get tossed into the flames with any other creature that needs to get cremated at the same time. If ashes are returned to the family, more often than not, they won't actually be just your pet or even have your pet in there. Also many pet crematoriums have been caught not even cremating the pets that they have been contracted to take care of. Instead they just throw your pet into a mass grave and give the owner false ashes. Now just like everything in this world, one shouldn't judge a group as a whole by the actions of a few. There are some very good crematoriums out there and your vet might be able to point you in what they feel is the best direction.

Loss Of Pets

Cremation is a good choice for people that understand they have busy lives and won't have the ability to visit a graveside on a regular basis. They want to have the remains of their pet close by so they can feel closer to their companion. However, some people have a hard time reconciling the idea of having their pet's remains cremated, so this is certainly a personal decision.

A third option is to have your pet cremated but not keep the ashes. Everyone feels differently about hanging on to the cremains of their pet. Some find it healing to just let the physical remains go which can be symbolic of emotionally letting go too. If you don't keep the remains, you can still have a pet memorial marker made to place in your yard under your dog's favorite tree or near your cat's favorite napping spot to provide a gently reminder of the love and friendship that you shared.

Whichever method you choose for your pet, just be sure you plan it out ahead of time and make a decision you will be comfortable with, even when you are in the process of grieving your pet loss. Planning ahead will not only save you time, but also give you some peace in knowing that these difficult details were taken care of well before you were grappling with the pain of losing a pet.

Loss Of Pets

Burial on the other hand is a much more personable experience that can give you and your family the closure that they need in a time of grief. You can either decide to bury your pet in a pet cemetery or even in your own back yard. This will help you memorialize your newly lost member of the family in a way that can be both beautiful and comforting at the same time. When the time comes to give your pet their final farewell, there are a few things that you might need to purchase to make the whole ceremony and burial the way your pet deserves it to be. There are actually many companies offer pet coffins and headstones, the quality and prices of which can vary from beautiful and relatively inexpensive to very lavish and expensive. The level as to which one you may purchase is completely up to you and what you may be able to comfortably afford.

Many people either choose to bury their pet in a back yard space or in a pet cemetery. You can purchase a pet grave marker to mark the spot where your pet remains are and even hold a memorial service graveside. Burying a pet is usually a fairly inexpensive option and is perfect for people that would like to have a place in which to visit over time.

It's important to be aware of the proper methods of burial when burying a pet, making sure to bury them deep enough to avoid any scavenging animals looking for food. You can bury your pet in a favorite blanket or shroud or in a pet casket. Also be sure to check with your state and county to find out what the pet burial regulations are in your area. They vary from state to state and county to county.

Loss Of Pets

Although it is a sad time when a pet member of the family must depart, something must be done to say farewell to the pet. There are few pet funeral options but which is better, pet cremation or funeral service? Burial seems to be the preferred and most personal way to memorialize a pet however it has some restrictions and drawbacks. First of all, in some communities, burial may actually be illegal. Secondly, if the pet owner plans to have another pet some time in the future, particularly a dog, burial may be a bad idea. Dogs love to dig and as such may dig up the deceased animal. This would be very upsetting for the owners - especially any children who may see their beloved lost pet. More grief would be caused. An alternate route to burial would be a pet cemetery which may actually be the best choice as it lacks the hassle of unsettling digging discoveries.

Cremation is a popular choice as well and the remains may be left to the owner's choice. Ashes may be spread in a meaningful location or kept in a pet urn. An urn seems like a touching choice where the pet may still live with the family in spirit. Pictures or collages of the animal may be kept next to the urn to keep good memories. Encouraging children to let out their grief through artistic expression or drawing the pet may help too. Cremation may be best for bigger pets while burial for smaller animals such as birds.

Alternative options for saying goodbye to the pet may have a better cause but feel less personal. For example, much like humans have the option to donate organs in the event of a crash, deceased pets too may be donated. Their bodies would go to veterinary schools where future vets may learn or practice how to handle animals and perform procedures. While this may be a good cause it may be upsetting for some pet owners. However, more veterinarians are always a blessing as they may help prevent future sicknesses or treat injuries for future pets. Another option is to have the veterinary take care of the deceased body properly. This is a safe choice for the environment but again may be upsetting for the owner. Closure may not be found this way and more grief may be found.
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