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So many people in Singapore, do consider their pets as a vital part of the family, in many cases they treat them as if they’re children. It’s good that when you lose your beloved pet you honor its memory through cremation process as you would have done for any family member who may die. Some people do develop a stronger bond with their pets compared to what they feel for some of their friends or family members, as they spend a lot of time together and even sleep with them in the same bed.

Pet Cremation Service

Losing a pet can be just as important in human life, the loss of a man. Many services are available to grieving pet owners, offering pet cremation services. They offer several different options for families.

The first option is the most basic. When an animal dies, the family may need to get rid of leftovers. They can be taken to the crematorium for animals and placed in a communal cremation. This is done at a lower price, but not ash provided the family. There is also a pickup service for families who cannot get into the crematorium. They usually offer for every kind of animal cremation service but usually require additional fees. In this case you can inform the crematory staff where you're located and they will pick your diseased pet from. They will then come with their special equipment for carrying the pet their crematory center where you will accompany them.

Pet cremation urns are as varied as those used for humans. There are manufacturers that sell urns sculpted shape of the breed of your pet. Others come with built-in picture frames to display your favorite moments along with the remains.

Non-pet owners in Singapore do not realize it, but our pets mean something to us. They become our own family members, and when they die, it can hurt just as bad as when a person dies. They are there when we wake up, come home from work, lonely, sad, and when we just need a friend.

Some people just dig a hole in the yard and bury their dog or cat. But many people want their pet properly urn and cremated them. Giving them the wrong burial will be exactly the same as giving your grandmother's improper burial.

Pet Cremation Service

There are designated areas in each state that make it. Just as there are funeral homes for the people there are funeral homes for the animals. Many of these places offer wood, stone and bronze urns for you to choose from. If you want to get their initial engraved on it you can do it.

You should know that there’re so many types of pet cremation methods in Singapore which you can choose from. Some of them are:

1. Private pet cremation

This can be the best choice for you in case you wish to keep the memory of your pet by having its remains transferred safely. This kind of cremation, only your pat will be placed into the cremation chamber (It cannot be mixed with other pets). In case you have enough money then you can go for this kind of service as you will receive only the remains of your pet. This process is slightly more expensive but much more respectful to your pet. After completion of the family is given by the ash, which can be stored in a cremation urn or scattered, as the family sees fit?

2. Communal pet cremation

This’s is the cheapest way in Singapore that you can use in cremating your pet since it will be placed into the chamber with other pets which are supposed to be cremated. In case you wish to get the remains of your pet, then be sure that it will be mixed with remains of other pets. It’s one of the easiest and easily accessible methods that many people in Singapore use.

3. Individual cremation

In case you wish to get the remains of your beloved pet, but you cannot afford to pay for the private cremation, then you can decide to go for individual cremation. The best things about this method are that your dead pet will be placed with other pets in the same chamber but it will be placed in its own place inside the chamber so that the remains will not mix. Through this method, you will be sure that you will get only the remains of your pet which are not mixed with anything.

Pet Cremation Service

4. View cremation

In this kind of method, the family of the pet to be cremated and some close friends will be allowed to witness the process of cremation. It’s the best opportunity for all members of your family to say goodbye to the most precious member of the family. In this case crematoria will offer you a room specifically for the disappointment. Families can spend time with their deceased pet before the cremation, and say the last goodbye in private. The viewers will be allowed to sit in a separate chamber which is next to the cremation chamber. In case you wish to have such kind of services, then you must make sure that the crematory that you’re selecting is offering such service since not all crematories in Singapore do have a chamber for viewing.

It’s important for you to hold a ceremony for your diseased pet as it can assist in offering you a sense of closure and assist you to start grieving. As you conduct this ceremony you can invite family members and friends so that they can tell stories about your pet as the best way of expressing their feelings about the loss. Cremating the pet can act as a way of preparing your small children to accept the idea that the animals that they love are no longer around.

If your home pets die today, then you should look for crematories which offer professional services in Singapore at an affordable rate. Choose the cremation services which you think suits you and your family members.
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