Pet Cremation

For many pet owners, individual pet cremation is the best way to honor the memory of a beloved companion. Following the loss of a pet, an owner has several decisions to make regarding the remains. Most states no longer permit backyard burial for health reasons, and in the case of large animals, digging a hole is just not practical. Another option is to have the pet's remains interred in a pet cemetery, which is a fairly costly process.

Pet Cremation

That leaves cremation, which allows people to keep the cremated remains (known as cremains) with them or scatter them in a symbolic place. So many families relocate so often that it doesn't make sense to bury the family pet in a yard they will only have for a few years. Individual pet cremation is a bit more expensive than communal cremation, but it does guarantee that the cremains returned to the owner are in fact those of the right pet. Pets are cremated on their own within the cremation chamber, and all the remains are carefully removed before the next cremation starts. This differs from communal cremation, in which case the remains of several animals are mingled and will go to a memorial area as their last resting place.

When an animal dies, the body can be left with the vet although it is better to deal directly with the pet crematorium. The cremains, which is actually mostly bone fragments with the consistency of sand, not ashes, will be returned to the pet owner in a sealed plastic bag which will be placed inside the chosen container. If the cremains is not going to be scattered, it is recommended that they stay in the bag to protect against moisture or accidental spillage. Some pet owners will scatter the remnants in a yard, a park, or along a favorite walk.

Others prefer to keep the cremains in a wooden box, often called an urn after the metal or porcelain jars used for human cremains. Urns can be any container, but there are boxes available that come with an engraved nameplate. Some owners like to include a collar, name tag, or toy in the run as well. When choosing an urn, a rough guide to size is to allow one cubic inch per pound based on the pet's weight when alive, leaving extra space for a collar or toy if one will be added.

Pet Cremation

Individual cremation offers a tangible piece of the departed, something beautiful on which to focus emotions and fond memories. Whether urns are displayed or put away, they serve as a memorial of the love shared between pet and owner. Similarly, scattering the cremains in a place or places the pet associated with happiness can help ease the grieving process. Most veterinary offices have information about cremation and local facilities pet owners can also look online for more information or to purchase urns and other memorials. Losing a pet is losing a member of the family. Pets are companions and playmates, friends and fonts of unconditional love. To those that love their furry, feathered or scaly friends, the loss is true heartbreak. Pet cremation services are peaceful a means of giving your pet a respectful send-off for anyone who cannot have or does not want a traditional burial for their pet.

The question of what to do with your pet's remains immediately after their passing is stressful. Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics offer pet cremation services, but in recent years many private facilities have become available. Some are stand-alone, handling only pets, but many are attached to funeral homes. If your pet passes at a veterinarian's office, the veterinarian will offer options right away. If your pet passes at home, you can take your pet to your veterinarian, local ASPCA, or find a private crematorium. Your pet's remains need to be kept cool- refrigerated if possible- until you can deliver your pet for cremation. Many private crematoriums will pick up your pet for a fee.

Several types of cremation are available. In private cremations, your pet alone is placed in the cremation chamber. Some facilities allow you to view the process. If you do not want ashes returned, your pet is placed with others in the cremation chamber. This is called a communal cremation and is the most common type of cremation for pets. Ashes are interred in a communal grave. Some facilities have flat fees for cremations while others base the fee on the weight of your pet. Cremation facilities have a special chamber for pets. The chamber is heated to between 1500 1600 degrees for the process. Cremains are not, in fact, true ashes but bone fragments. These fragments are removed from the chamber and reduced to a fine powder.

Pet Cremation

If you have requested your pet's cremains returned to you, they are collected in a sealed plastic bag and placed inside a temporary urn. It is usually possible to ask that the remains be split into multiple smaller runs if more than one family member would like them. Many run options are available from veterinary clinic partnerships, private facilities or online.
Some local ordinances do not allow the burial of pet remains on private property. If this is the case or you simply wish for the option, pet crematoriums often have private cemeteries. You can purchase a headstone for your pet and visit them as you would any other loved one. Cremation facilities are clean and handle remains with respect. Many private facilities will have quiet rooms for mourning and may offer funeral services. Saying "goodbye" to your four-legged loved one is difficult, but knowing his or her remains were handled with care may make this a little easier.

The death of somebody that you cherish, or watch over dearly is an exceptionally painful event. Numerous individuals have the ability to deal well with the demise of a loved one, yet few have the ability to grasp the agony connected with losing a pet. This is mainly because people are often at a loss when they think about what to do after the death of a pet. At such a taxing time, it is typical to experience feelings of bitterness and discouragement. For many people, this feeling stays with them for quite some time after the passing of a pet. Every living soul laments uniquely, and it is a greatly particular experience. While there is no wrong or right route to grieve, there are courses to ease away the sorrow. By remembering your pet's life with love, you can help to guarantee that its memory lives on.

Just like the life of a loved human, a pet's life ought to be loved and remembered. Holding a memorial ceremony or burial service is a great way to help friends and family deal with the death of a pet. Little kids can also help by making photograph compositions of their most beloved memories with their pet. Provided that you decide to bury your pet at home, encourage guests to place a treat, toy or other special items to be buried with your pet.

You may need to consider a pet dedication or gravestone or funeral monument for your pet, provided that you want to bury them at home or in a pet cemetery.
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