Taking Care of Your Pet Dog

Waking up, breathing fresh air, and jogging on the neat tracks of Singapore, makes your morning quite perfect. You look around yourself, you see a lot of people doing different things, people are rushing to their offices, few running towards their schools and colleges, and few are just jogging like you, many have their spouses, fiancées, and pets with them. You don’t feel like being alone but you don’t want to hurry up in a relationship as well. Your best partner while jogging and doing anything can be your pet. A pet can give you company and make you feel not alone. Your jogging becomes more joyful; and your home tasks become more entertaining.

Taking Care of Pet Dog

Dog as a pet can be really fantastic

An animal known for its love and faithfulness; it can be your best friend. When you come back home after a long day spending in your office, your pet dog will be always at home to welcome you with its cute face. It will welcome you warmly, playing around your legs, licking your face, hugging you, would it not make your mood better than ever? It will surely increase the quality of your life.

Buying a pet dog is easy, but taking care of it is not as easy as it may seem to you. You have to take your pet dog just as you’ll take any human. Just like humans, dogs have their own needs, which you have to fulfill. Your pet dog is your responsibility; you have to keep your dog happy and healthy. You have to put efforts, and spend quality time with it. You’ll cherish the time you have invested in your dog.

Here are few tips which can help you in looking after your dog in sickness and in health.

· Feeding your pet is somewhat a difficult task. Just like us, dogs feel hungry and they need to eat from time to time. You can find many kinds of dog food for your pet dog in the market. Search which one has the highest benefits and buy it.

· Most of the dogs don’t like the dry food which is nowadays offered in market for them. The reason is the same, they like moisture. Check if your dog can eat canned food. If they love it, you as an owner should be very careful about your dog’s teeth, new kind of plague and bacteria can easily develop when they eat meat or things which are not dry.

· Whenever you go and buy food for your dog, I’d recommend you to always read the ingredients and buy those foods which have meat included in it, and listed at the top of the ingredients.

· While you’re feeding your dog make sure you put sufficient water near him, as dogs love wet things which are full of moisture.

Taking Care of Pet Dog

There are several kinds of food items which you should never give to your do, as they can be highly poisonous.

a. A bread or dough with yeast included in it.
b. As much as you like chocolate, coffees, and tea, never think of giving it your pet dog
c. Seeds of fruit, especially apple.
d. Keep them far away from garlic and onions.
e. Raisins, Avocados, and Grapes are highly toxic.

If your pet dog is a pup, you can feed it more often than the adult dogs. A dog that is one year old can be fed twice a day. Please always make sure that the dental health of your dog is good. Dog toothpaste and brushes are available in the market. Your dog walks all around the house, in lawn, in dirt, in mud, on roads, and everywhere. His nails can be the house of millions of germs. Keep the nails of your dog clean and trim them from time to time.

Give your pet dog bath twice in a month, keep his fur trimmed. Brush the fur to make sure it’s clean and free from parasites. Check the weight of your dog every week. If you can feel the ribs of your pet dog easily he is good to go. If you don’t then there’s a whole lot of fat covering your lovely dog which needs to be shed.

Keep and consult only one veterinarian for your pet, because he can easily understand the issues and problems related to the health of your dog keeping in view its past medical history.

Make sure you never take your dog out for exercise or jogging right after eating, else they can face serious health issues. Pups cannot exercise for a long time, quarter of an hour will be enough for a pup, and they do not have stamina. Adult dogs can go for half hour to 45 minutes for exercise.

Keeping the weather condition of Singapore in mind, early morning and late evenings are good to take your dog outside. If your dog is facing any kind of medical issue or condition please consult its veterinarian before taking it outside for a walk or exercise. Older dogs sometimes face issues with their bones, so avoid taking them outside for a long time.

Play with your dog as much as you like, it will create a strong bond between you and your dog. Make sure your pet dog is vaccinated, a requirement which is legal in Singapore. Your dog’s veterinarian will tell you time and information about the rounds of vaccination.

Taking Care of Pet Dog

Train your pet dog at your home. Choose a spot at home where your dog can pass its waste (stool). Take it there for few times and he’ll never pass its stool other than that spot. You dog will tell you in his way when he needs to pass its waste, he can give you a specific sign or start making rounds barking or sniffing.

Shower your dog with love and a lot of praise when he does the right stuff. Keeping a kennel is a must when you have a pet dog. Keep your dog inside it most of the time when he is not trained or you are not around as untrained dogs can sometimes be dangerous.

Always treat your dog in a way, in which he doesn’t feel threatened. Never hit your dog with a broom or spank him. You can go for puppy training classes if you can get the time out of your usual routine. This will help you to know how you can take care of your dog. It will be informative to help you train your pet to obey or follow the simple commands in house chores.

It is your responsibility to supply a clean and healthy environment to your dog. Your dog is your best friend, spend time with it, and communicate with it. In that way you will understand it and it will understand you and do not forget to name your dog. Create a strong bond and they will provide you security from the dangers you cannot see. It will always keep your heart warm enough to smile and stay contented.
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