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Are you a pet lover? Do you want the best answers for your pet even when they are gone? Many households possess a pet because majority of the people mostly in the US are pet lovers. Well, pets are in most homes are given the similar attention and care as humans. This is because pets are man’s best friend and they offer companionship, safety and they are also very good playmates. It is very sad when one loses a pet and during this difficult period all that the bereaved requires is the best attention and services they can get. This is the reason we are here.


Most pest lovers have complained over the variety of services presented to them once their pets die. This has saddened many and it has been a cause of alarm. The sad thing is that no action has been taken on the other hand to solve this matter. This has driven a good flow of traffic to us as opposed to the traditional veterinaries in regards to the cremation of their pets. We have raised awareness of the choices available to those who have lost their pets for many years now. We have also struggled to put satisfactory decisions on pet treatment on the table. Many people think that only vets are the only people who are supposed to be in charge of pet’s cremation which is no longer the case.

There has been uncertainty on what is done once the pet passes on in the vet’s station and the pet owner goes ahead to choose cremation. We have carried out some basic research and there is a likely hood that they will be put on the waiting list for a while before they are finally cremated. The period on which your pet will wait before its cremation will vary from one to two weeks depending on the vets practice. After this period the van meant for collection by the crematorium contracted will come picking the bodies. The contracted crematoriums are most of the times used to deal with clinical waste. These are mass crematoriums and they deal with communal cremations. After the collection process, the pets are carried together with the clinical waste collected from the surgery by the van.

This is not how many pet lovers want their pets to be treated. We have noticed this over the years we have been working and that is the major reason why we are your best choice. Our main aim is to put the pet lover’s interests at heart. It is unfortunate how the pets are treated but once you choose us, we will make sure that your pet will not be bagged, frozen or carried with other clinical waste. We derive our satisfaction from offering individual services so there is no time we will combine your beloved pet with others. The good thing about us is that we do not deal with mass cremations we take care of your pet individually.


Due to our good work, many vets and staff are now embracing our way of conducting business. Many people recommend us to many clients majorly by word of mouth that should tell you that we are good at what we do. Our hard work requires appreciation and that is why we ask those clients we have to pass a word of mouth to others about us. It is nothing much to ask for compared to the services we offer it is just a small way to show appreciation.

Here are some other reasons why we should be your number one pet cremators;

• Simplicity-

This is the best virtue for every business that wants to succeed. We make it our aim to bring our services at your doorstep. This virtue has made many customers coming back.

• Affordability-

our services have a fair price compared to others. Apart from that we package our services such that they come in an attractive and complete way. Our prices match with services we offer and they are the major reason why many customers prefer us.

• Convenience-

We are aware of the value and love you have for your pets that is why we have situated our services at your disposal that is locally. We ensure that you do not get stressed about anything. There is no need to take your pet out of town for cremation this would be very stressful. To avoid this we bring our services close to those who need it.

• Experience-

Our team of experts have worked for decades and thus they have the capability of handling our clients’ needs with ease and professionalism. For the many years we have been working we have never heard of complaints from our clients on how they deal with them. We always appreciate feedback and questions and we strive to answer as well and fast as possible.

Pet Lover

• Digital-

We are always up to date with the latest trends that will keep your pet updated. We offer stored nose and paw prints that are digital for free.

• We also offer trimming of your pet’s fur for free. This is a service that many centers do not consider paramount but it really is.

• We acknowledge your loss and as a way to show our condolences we do not hinder you from visiting your dead pet. In fact we offer all that for free be it personally or with your friends and family.

• Licensed-

Our business is very legal and thus making as the best in the region. We have undergone thorough checkups by the necessary boards and we have the certification required. All our professionals also have undergone thorough training and have been awarded certificates.

• Every pet lover loves to see their pet groomed nicely. We appreciate that fact and that is why we have carefully selected merchandise that will suit your pets need.

• We make sure that the remains of your pet are sent back to you in a period of 24 hours with exceptions of weekends.

• Most of our services are free but that does not mean that they are not of high quality. We offer a free page for tributes to your pet and also a free movie.
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I was recommended by my friend who did their dog cremation with Pet Cremation Singapore. They are very professional and they handled our pet with care and empathy. Thank you for your help.
Miss Angela (Bukit Timah)
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