Why Should You Opt for a Pet Cremation Service?

Losing a pet can be one of the most painful experience of your life. After all this pain comes when its time to deal realistically with your pet’s body, it’s very important that the cremation process is smooth and handled by an extremely trust-worthy service provider, one that ensures to give utmost respect to this process.

Pet Cremation

How does Pet Cremation work?

There is a cremation compartment where the body of your pet is placed, and the major process of cremation occurs. Then the body of the pet is subjected to temperature ranging from around 1400 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
Time taken for cremation: the total time of the cremation depends on the size of your pet.A dog or a cat takes about a couple of hours and a larger animal would take a few more hour.

Post cremation - What Happens?

Post cremation the burned body vaporizes and turns into ashes.

After the ashes are handed over to the owner of the pet, the following options can be explored:

Scattering it in the sea -
An owner can scatter the remains of the in the sea or any other place one is permitted to.

Turning it into urns -
This is one of the most affordable ways of storing the ashes or remains of your pet and keeping it as loving memory.

Storing it in a form of gemstone or keychains -
The owner can also store the same in form of a gemstone and keep it forever with them

A cremation box-
Some people store their pet’s ashes in a cremation box and keep it in their homes as a sign of remembrance.

Some owners decide to bury the pet’s remains and ashes in their own house or any suitable place they are permitted to. A lot of people opt for this options as they feel it’s a way to keep their dead pets close to them even after they have passed away.

What should you know before choosing a Pet Cremation service?

Choose a 24-hour cremation service: Death is one of the most unpredictable occurrence. With a 24-hour service you will receive a hassle- free service in a tough situation like death of your pet.

Cremation may not occur on the same day: Cremation is subject to the availability of slots and timing. Your pet may be cremated on a later date or time. It is important to factor this in and make the necessary arrangements for the same.

Pet Cremation

Currently there are 3 different approaches or processes of Pet cremation:

Private Cremation-
In this process, the owners of the pet can witness and be a part of entire cremation process and the remains or the ashes of the pet’s body is handed over to the owner and his family.

Individual Cremation-
This process involves a pet being cremated within an individual partition while sharing the chamber for cremation with other pets. Pet owners would receive/handed over the ashes /remains of the pet after the cremation process with the assurance that it’s not been mixed with the remains of other pets however there is no guarantee of the same as the owners are unable to witness this process.

Communal Cremation-
In this process the pet is usually cremated with other pets and animals. The ashes or the remains of a pet are not handed over to the owners and are usually scattered in sea or a common place. Prices for Private and Individual cremations usually range between: S$250 – S$800.Communal cremation: S$150 – S$350.You can choose from a wide range of packages involving scattering your pet’s remains or ashes in the sea or converting the same into a gemstone which is a popular choice these days.Factoring in the final cost of the process-Its common for the process to get out of budget on these occasions. There are many insurance companies that cover euthanasia, funeral process etc.

How can you select a Cremation service?

International Association of Pet Cemeteries’ and Crematories ,members adhere to strict laws and code of conduct for cremation.

The following can help you zero in an option for your pet’s cremation process:

Veterinarian -
This is one of the most preferred choices while deciding the cremation service as they are extremely experienced professionals in suggesting the best for your pets

Online -
These days a whole lot of reliable information is available online. You do your bit of research and find a reliable and trustworthy service for your pet’s cremation

Animal Shelters - Animal shelters too provide you with reliable information and assistance in choosing the best alternative for your pet.

Pet Cremation

Why choose us?

Since there are no burial grounds in Singapore, it’s important to choose a reputed Private Pet Cremation Service which is extremely reliable and trustworthy and offers you complete peace of mind.

Latest Tracking Mechanism-
Pet owners can now track the service and care being taken by the staff of the service provider right from the handing over of the pet’s body till handing over the ashes or remains to the owner. It also ensures the owner gets the ashes of their pets only.

Complete transparency-
Complete transparency ensures that the quality of services provided is open to public feedback and our constant need to improve it.this also provides complete peace of mind to the pet owners.

24-hour service-
24-hour service is provided to ensure smooth and reliable service during the most trying time.
Once you have completed all the formalities of cremating your pet with a reliable cremation service provider, you should start focusing on your emotional health. Losing your pet is a very difficult phase of your life and can really disturb you emotionally. If need be one should surely consult a therapist, you can consult who can help you overcome this loss.
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Looking For Professional Pet Cremation?

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I was recommended by my friend who did their dog cremation with Pet Cremation Singapore. They are very professional and they handled our pet with care and empathy. Thank you for your help.
Miss Angela (Bukit Timah)
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