Professional Pet Cremation Services: All you need to Know

Pet cremation can be traced back to hundreds of years, as far back as our ancestors began keeping pets. The practice largely remained a communal activity and a traditional norm in the old age societies. It was only until one decade ago that pet cremation became a popular practice, especially the commercial crematoriums that provided veterinary practices around the world.

Most pets undergo euthanisation because of illness or old age. In the 1970s and 80s, the vets used to provide simple services for diseased pet disposal to the clients. This entailed the vets transporting the deceased pets for landfilling at the local refuse facility. The very first veterinary disposal services companies provided vets with a regular collection service to get rid of their clinical waste and offer a hygienic disposal of your pet through mass incineration, also referred to as communal cremation.

Over the years, the “cremation companies” began to provide “ashes back” services through the veterinary practices. These services were not consistent, varied and still considerably varies to date. With the increase in popularity of individual pet cremation services, the companies offering these services rebranded themselves as “pet crematoriums.” The companies then did away with the waste disposal activities from their list of services while still shouting that they offer “one stop shop” services. Over the years, all shapes and sizes of pet crematoriums have emerged. Some firms provide “one stop solutions” while others specialize in specific services. This means that these companies provide the same kinds of services, with the difference being how each company does the handling, collecting and cremating your pet.

For most pet owners, we understand that you may face difficulties in making decision about cremating your pet. In most cases, pets do become a part and parcel of our families and cremating a loved one is not an easy thing to embrace. If you are thinking of having your pet cremated, there are several significant benefits you get by going that route:

— Abide by the local laws: There are high chances that your community will not allow you to bury your pet in a public property or on your own property. This is because of the related dangers. The local government wants to ensure that you do not dig your backyard, creating a potential for sewer and gas leaks. It is also likely that over time the decomposing remains way find its way to public drinking sources.

— Makes it easy at times of grief: When you lose your pet, you want peace of mind. It is much better that you have the professionals to take care of your beloved pet remains with at most respect. Most of the funeral homes will arrange and pick the pet from where it is and does the rest.

— Closure: Depending on your preferences, you can decide to have your pet remains prominently displayed in some corner in your house. This is a good way to have emotional closure by having the memory of the pet by keeping them always close.

You can have your pet cremated either in the crematories that are specially created and dedicated for pet cremations or the normal crematories. During the cremation process, your pet is positioned in a cremation unit and exposed to high temperatures ranging between 1450 and 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. The intense heat causes vaporization and reduces the organic substance to dried bones and dust. After the matter is heated, the specialists’ uses manual inspection and magnets to remove the broken pieces of collars, tags, pins, rods and other objects and separated from the pet dust. The remains are then taken through pulverization to come up with a coarse and sand like powder. The powder from the process are then poured in cardboard box, sealed plastic bag or in a tin and finally sent to you.

When you receive your loved one’s ashes, you have the opportunity to transfer them to a special tin designed for displaying them in your designated space. You may also decide to bury, or discard the ashes, depending on what gives you more satisfaction. In most cases, you will be able to get the ashes within the same day or the following day.

If you have never seen how cremated pet ashes looks like, they are pale white in color. However, this color may differ for every pet depending on the health or medical issues he pet suffered from or due to the medication given to the pet. Again, the cremation time may not be the same for all animals, for example, small animals like cat cremation, birds, hamsters, mice, rabbits and others takes shorter time. On the other hand, the bigger pets like dog cremation, horses etc. takes much longer. All in all, it takes between 45 minutes to 2 hours to fully cremate your pet.

You have two options to choose from while considering cremating your pet; communal or private cremation. Like the name suggest, in communal cremation, you have your animal cremated alongside other pets while private cremation allows you to do it for your pet separately. Private cremation of your pet gives you more privileges while sending off your pet and it is therefore slightly expensive as compared to communal cremation.

With communal cremation, in most cases, you will have the crematory staff to get rid of the remains professionally and then send you cremation certificate. The certificate bears the name of the pet, date of cremation and other important details. You are likely missing the chance of getting your pet ashes from communal cremation since the pet is mixed with other animals and then cremated in the same chamber. Private cremation comes along with several other benefits. For example, you may have the chance to view the pet while it is being cremated. You also get the remains of your pet. If you find difficulties making this decision, then it is prudent that you get help from the expert to help you with the right decision depending on your situation.

It is important that you always go with the reputable cremators since some money eager companies take your money, dispose your pet unprofessionally and send you “dust” that does not belong to your pet. Always go with the reputable crematory companies and ask for the company procedures and policies.

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