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Why you should choose our pet cremation services?

Pet cremation is sanitary and clean way of saving the remains of a pet. Pet cremation is the best alternative especially to pet owners who do not have space to bury their pets and they are financially strained to afford a pet cemetery space. Also, it is an environmental sound alternative to placing the pets in municipal landfill sites.

The loss of a pet comes as a shock to most pet owners and most families feels the loss the same way they would if a human family member had passed on. This is because the love of a pet is unconditional and they are also an important member of the family. Today there is the option of hiring a company to cremate the pet rather than burying it or having to handle the whole cremation process on your own. A pet cremation company will take over the cremation process and cremate the pet in a caring and dignified manner. This provides the grieving pet owner similar options as those you would get in a funeral home for a human family owner.

However it is quite difficult to get a genuine pet cremation company as the hundreds available have all glossed their websites with attractive literature of their outstanding services but most do not live up to their word. Therefore you should look more closely for the company that will meet all your expectations and one that employs the right pet cremation systems and not one that is just out to make profit.

That said, there is certainly a reputable and reliable pet cremation company but you should also ensure that each cremation process is defined clearly so that you get exactly what you want for the pet.

Why you should first research the pet cremation services offered in a certain company?

Since there are no regulations in the pet cremation industry, there are certain methods used in different companies that use harmful chemicals and machinery. Also, every crematorium will handle, store and transport the pet differently hence the reason why you should find out what is involved in each process before giving out your pet for cremation to ensure that it gets the send-off it deserves.

In the entire Singapore, we provide one of the best pet cremation services and give your pet the respect and dignity it deserves in the final good bye. We also give the pet owner peace of mind and help in meeting all the memorial needs to honor the pet. Whether you have lost your horse, dog, cat or any other home pet, contact us and we will provide a dignified send off. Here is why you should choose us for your pet cremation services:

· We offer a wide variety of services

After receiving your call; you can bring the pet to us to we can come collect it, have it cremated and bring the remains back. You are required to choose the cremation service that you prefer for your cut the three that we offer.

Pet owners who do not want the remains of their pets to be returned but still want a dignity and final care choose this kind of pet cremation. It is less costly and all pets are cremated together in a dignified manner. After the cremation, all the ashes are removed then spread in a set area preferably in a Gateway pet cemetery and the pet owner receives a communal cremation certificate. This method is more economical but it is still a dignified way of sending off your pet.

You should keep in mind that in this cremation method, the remains are not returned to the owner, therefore, if you choose this method, then you should consider having a more personalized memory of your pet.

· Our staff are well qualified and we are fully licensed to operate

Our staff are also pet lovers, therefore they understand the pain of the loss and they will give you all the support you need and ensure that your pet receives the last respect it deserves

We are also fully licensed with the animal cremation services and we work with the pet owner as well as a veterinarian to ensure that your friend is handled with utmost care and dignity that he or she deserves.

· We also help you to heal

Since we are a family owned pet cremation company with many years of experience, our company is compassionate and very caring when helping you make the decision of disposition of the pet. You are treated with dignity and respect and taken care off throughout this difficult time.

· Certified Private Pet Cremation

WE certify that the individual or private pet cremation are done with no other pets in the cremation equipment and we even provide a video to verify the whole process.

You will not get any other pet cremation service that offers this kind of verification or as good services in Singapore. Because of this we are indeed the best pet cremation company in Singapore and you can be sure that you will not get disappointed if you choose us.

In the private pet cremation, the pet is cremated alone and returned to the owner as a lasting and cherished keepsake. When you choose this cremation service, you can be sure that the remains of your pet will not be mixed with any other and only you can pour the remains if you like or keep it safe for remembrance.

To accommodate your needs during this painful time, we give you the opportunity to give the last farewell to the pet at a private visitation and viewing. There are also comfortable rooms in the facility where you can welcome close friends and family so that you share the final farewell for the lost companion.

This one of the most common pet cremation that we offer to owners who still want to receive the ashes of their pets. In this cremation, one pet is cremated at a time in a common area and each pet is labelled to identify it at the end of the process. We take utmost care to ensure that each pet’s remains are kept separately in the whole process and give it back to the pet owner if he or she likes.


    What our client saying?

    • Your kindness and the professional and loving heart you gave in transporting her from the vet’s office to her cremation was above and beyond what I had anticipated. Thank you for the kind and loving memories you have left me in watching my “friend” pass to the other side.
    • Phenomenal care and outstanding compassion.
    • Thank you so much for the care you took to make it personal and special for us. It’s truly a comfort at a time when little else helps
    • Our pets really are a part of our families and having something so special to remember them by is special and heartwarming
    • The comfort you have provided is appreciated more than you could ever know.
    • You are always very compassionate and caring. You have a top notch service!
    • I was recommended by my friend who did their dog cremation with Pet Cremation Singapore. They are very professional and they handled our pet with care and empathy. Thank you for your help

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