The Dos and Don'ts of Pet Cremation

Saying goodbye to the beloved pets can be very difficult for their owners, in Singapore, who have quite a long time with them. But their responsibility does not end with the death of their pet as taking care of the remains of their beloved pet can be the last thing they have to do for him along with dealing with the unbearable pain of losing him. In this way, after the death of the mute companion you will have to decide for his cremation to dispose of his remains in right manner even if it will be very difficult for you.

Pet Cremation

Until you decide about pet cremation the body of the pets can be held by the office of your vet for one or two days. However in case you do not find any place to store the body of your pet in Singapore then you will have to decide for his cremation instantly. Having a small funeral or a service in his memory becomes necessary for the owner of a pet after receiving his remains from the vet’s office. It will be the right way to say last goodbye to the departed affectionate companion. Some common do’s and don’ts are provided here under which one should focus on for pet cremations in Singapore.


Search for a good cremation service

Though you can find a number of pet cremation services in Singapore but you must look for one which can provide service round the clock as the time of death cannot be predicted in any case. So you should contact a service provider who has hotline connectivity to provide services for the cremation of the pets 24 x 7 along with guidance and support during the entire process.

Selection of the types of cremation

In Singapore three types of pet cremations are performed depending upon the affordability and status of the pet owner. These services include private cremation, individual cremation and communal cremation. The pet owner who can afford some additional expenses for the last rites of their beloved companion can opt for private cremation. In this type of cremation the pet is cremated in exclusive cremation chamber in the presence of his owners and their family and friends and his remains are returned to his owner in an urn.

Individual cremation allows the owners to cremate their pet individually even if the cremation chamber can be shared by other dead pets also. The pet cremation service promises to return back the remains of your pet only instead of mixing it with other’s remains. But you may not be able to see the cremation of your pet in this case.

Pet Cremation

In communal cremation you pet can be cremated with the dead pets of others. You can neither see the cremation f your pet nor will you be returned his remains. Most of the pet cremation services in Singapore either scatter the ashes of pets in the sea or bury them in a community burial ground.

The cost of pet cremations depends upon the type of the cremation service and the size of your pet. It may range between S$250 and S$800 in case of private and individual cremation methods but in case of communal cremation you may have to spend between S$ 150 and S$ 350. You can cremate your pet without any casket. Some of the pet owners bring the body of their pet on a pee pad covered with flowers and boneless treats for cremation.

Choose to scatter the ashes in the sea or covert into gemstones

In order to free the soul of their pets most of the pet owners in Singapore love to scatter their ashes in the sea to show the love of their pet for water. Some of them scatter the ashes themselves whereas some ask the funeral company to scatter them in the sea on their behalf free or against some additional fee. Those who scatter the ashes personally normally hire a chartered boat for this purpose. They also organize flowers and offerings to complete the last rites in a religious manner. There is a location, 2.8km in the south of Palau Semakau, which has been specified by the Singaporean Port and Maritime authorities for scattering the ashes of the pets.

However, to make a memorial of their beloved pet, some of the pet owners in Singapore also opt to convert the ashes of their pet into gemstones because ashes include various types of carbon structures as found in gemstones like diamond.

Pet Cremation

Bury the ashes of your pets or house them in a pet columbarium

The owners of the departed pet who have opted for individual or private cremation can either scatter the ashes in to the sea or bury them in a community burial ground. But some of them can also opt for keeping those ashes in a columbarium for pets. They will have to pay some fee initially for the registration and maintenance of the pet columbarium on annual basis which may vary from S$200 to S$300. There are several pet cremation services in Singapore that provide the burial services as well as columbarium facilities for the ashes of the pets.


Do not panic if the cremation is not done on same day

In order to get their pets cremated as soon as possible many pet owners in Singapore become panic if the cremation is not done on the same day. In fact the owners of the departed pets should be prepared to wait for their turn after reaching at the cremation facility. The cremation of your pet may be scheduled for later slots due to the non-availability of the slot as per your convenience. The management of cremation facility will take care of the body of your beloved departed companion until the slot is available for his cremation. So you should stay calm until your turn comes.

Thus, when you lose a beloved companion then instead of getting distressed you should be courteous and kind enough to spend some money to bid a farewell to the departed in a right manner. Pet cremations are the right method in the Singapore to free the soul of your pet.
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