How To Give Your Dog A Healthy & Happy Life?

In Singapore, many people do like keeping pets at their homes for several reasons. The list of pets kept is just endless, but dog keeping leads the pack. Indeed, most Singaporeans prefer rearing dogs to any other pet, probably due to the many benefits it offers. For instance, dogs are great in making sure that your property is safe, it gives you a cool company when you are down-it is a wonderful source of entertainment, and many more. Well, if you need your dog to offer you these endless and amazing benefits, it means you must make sure that it lives a happy and healthy life. But, it is quite surprising to realize that many people do not know how to keep her happy! Huh, some guys just throw pieces of left over foods to her, never mind where it spend its night-along the corridor of the main house and do not forget it is raining heavily! With such a disgusting revelation, it is clear that lessons on how to give your dog a healthy and happy life is genuinely inevitable.

Healthy dog

Needless to say, some people having been trying their level best to keep their dogs happy and healthy. But, they still need more information to make it even better, and the little information they get online need to be supplement with the vital good news unveiled herein. Well, if the above has been your concern, then without further ado, the following are some of the eminent ways of making your dog healthier and happy:

#1. Provide her with adequate shelter as well as clean and dry beddings

As a matter of fact, any creature in the world has a place it calls her home. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the dog-owner to provide her with a good shelter that offers adequate protection from cold, rain, heat, wind, and many other life threatening chunk. Proving a shelter alone is not enough! You need to go a mile ahead and check on the shelter’s comfort. As such, you dog will be happier if you provide her with a dog-crate lined with a warm blanket, dog pillow or towel. A point that is worthy a million is that you need to consider dog beddings that can be washed easily. That is to say, your dog’s living environment should be clean at all times.

Happy Dog

#2. Feed your dog with high quality pet food

As stated in the introductory section, some guys are so rude that their dogs feed on left-overs and scanty foods! This is not the case whatsoever if you need your dog to be healthy and lead a happy life. Nowadays, when you visit any pet store, you will find an ending list of pet foods and supplements, and of course, you would not miss a bunch of dog food. The good news is that there are various types of high quality dog foods commercially available in any pet store and supermarkets. The punch line is that you need to consider a balanced diet food, and the most probable suggestion for this is to opt for homemade dog recipe.

#3. Maintain a proper and healthy body weight

Just like human beings, overweight conditions is not healthy for your dog. As a matter of fact, obesity leads to health complications such as skeletal problems, heart diseases, diabetes, and of course low energy. Indeed, your dog will feel and look better if you maintain it at normal and proper weight. One of the many reasons as to why dogs become is because of overweight that arose from eating too much food as well as engaging in little or no physical exercise. If you realize that your dog has obese symptoms, you are advised to cut down its food intake by about 10 percent and feed it on that amount for two weeks. If the condition remain unchanged after the said period, then continue reducing its food intake by another 10 percent. Repeat this procedure until your dog has the optimum weight.

 Healthy & Happy Life Dog

#4. Exercise your dog on a regular basis

Engaging on a regular and physical exercise is not only a healthy lifestyle for human beings, but it is also crucial for other animals-dogs for this case. The easiest and best physical exercise is to walk or run around with your dog. All you need is a little time and a leash! How fast and how far you can go with pet (dog) depends on its breed, age, and even on its level of fitness. As stated in the previous section, one of the reason for improper weight is due to lack of physical exercise. Therefore, as you reduce your dog’s weight by checking into its diet, you are advised to increase the amount of physical exercises).

#5. Play with your dog on a daily basis

As a matter of fact, dogs are pack creatures and so they have the potential to deal with multiple circumstances. If properly socialized, it can be comfortably be in the company of other dogs or many people as well as able to tolerate solitude periods. Just like human beings, dogs need companionship to thrive. You need to note that they are never meant to spend better part of their lives alone in their shelters or anywhere else! They need to feel they are appreciated, welcomed, and threated as useful members of the pack. Which means, they need time to play. In general, if you need your dog to be happy and healthy, you are advised take it for walk, play tug, shake a paw, rollover, and throw a Frisbee, and many more. In other words, spend a little time every day just playing with your dog and this will go a long way towards meetings its social needs.


If you strictly follow the aforementioned options to the latter, there is no doubt that your pet will be one of those happiest and healthiest dogs ever lived. One last advice to every dog-owner is that you need to take your dog to the nearest veterinarian for regular checkups and vaccinations.
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