10 Tips for Taking Care of Cats

Many people all over the world adopt cats as pets but while taking care of cats most of them do not know even about certain basic things. In fact kittens are raised like children in the homes. If you provide proper training and care to your unspoken companion then they can grow up as well developed and healthy adults. Some tips to take care of the cats are provided here under to help those who have recently decided to adopt one as their companion at home. You can make your t look good and healthy by following the tips provided in this write-up.

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1. Prevent premature overweighing of your cat

Your cat may put on weight if she is habitual to inactive lifestyle. It can lead to heart problems and joint pain if not checked as soon as possible. It is not possible to determine the fatness of a cat due to its fluffy fur but by checking at few points you can easily know if it is getting fat. You can feel a small layer of fat and ribs of your healthy cat by putting both of your thumbs on her back and spreading the hands across her rib cage. The abdomen of your cat should be tucked behind rib cage, by seeing from her side, if she is healthy. If you are able to see the waisteline of your cat behind her ribs, while looking from the top, then you can consider her as healthy.

2. Prevent overheating of your cat

When you are going out of your home you should ensure that your cat is not overheated in your absence. In various tropical regions where people keep their air conditioning units on throughout the day for their comfortable living, usually forget to think about the comfort f their pets while leaving their home. So when you are moving out of your home for a considerable time you should keep your fan on to avoid overheating of your pet. You can also keep the window of the room slightly open to let fresh air enter in it. You should also keep fresh water around her so that she can drink whenever required in your absence, especially during hot days.

3. Provide hard-to-solve games or puzzles to your cat

If your cat follows an active lifestyle then it is also important to stimulate her mind by providing her games that cannot be solved easily. By providing a puzzle feeder to your cat you will be making them physically as well as mentally strong. You can also use toys and figures looking like food items to reduce their calorie intake and keep them fit.

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4. Avoid declawing your cat

In order to protect their furniture many pet owners declaw their pets which is not right. In fact their nails are connected to their bones. They can be more aggressive due to insecure feeling or lose their balance when you cut their nails. You can protect your furniture by providing her a scratching post, trimming the tips of their nails regularly or use some home remedy to keep your cat around your house and away from damaging things.

5. Keep your cat safe by buying protectors

When you are away from your cat for some extending hours then you should ensure her safety by using wire protectors. Some of the pet owners misunderstand this tip and offer wires as toys to chew when they are away from them. It is wrong as damaged wires can be hazardous for them.

6. Use invisible gates and grilles to save your cat from falls

Your cat can jump faster than any athlete to catch the toy you have stringed above her. It has been known through various studies that a cat can jump as high as 2.4 meters which can be the height of the windows of your house. But you cannot avoid falling of your cat even if she is perfect in jumping skills. So to avoid the falling of your cat in your absence you should install PVC panels, mesh screens or grilles to keep them safe, especially when you are living in multi-storey buildings.

7. Feed the cat with quality foods for cats instead of food scraps

Instead of tossing the pieces of leftover food you should give them cat foods of good quality after reading the ingredients printed on their package. Like humans cats also deserve food as good as possible. You should understand the importance of food for your cat as it will help her to live a long and healthy life.

8. Treat your cat according to her age

While taking care of cats you should treat them like human children. As the infants of humans are very different from teenagers and adults similarly kittens should not be treated like mature cats. While caring them you should consider their stage of development.

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9. Socialise them and reward for good behaviour

Your cat will be able to interact with other animals and people if you will socialise her and train her in her kitten-hood. The period of socialisation of a cat is very critical as they can be nervous during their adulthood if they are not exposed to such things. They should be exposed to strangers, loud noises and walking on leashes etc. during this kitten-hood. They should also be rewarded for their good behaviour. It will help them in becoming healthy and adjustable cats.

10. Give priority to preventive care

In order to ensure good health and long life of your cat you should start preventive care as soon as possible. You should fix an appointment with your vet as soon as you bring a cat in your home so that he can study her health condition and keep its record. He can tell you about the fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites that can affect her health in the long run. In case of such infections you should visit your vet regularly to keep your lovely pet healthy and strong forever.

Thus by following the tips for taking care of cats provided in this write-up you can not only keep your cat fit and healthy but also increase her life considerably.
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