Pet Cremation And Its Benefits

Saying goodbye to your pet after its death is one of the saddest moments you can have in your life. One of the things that strike the mind of many pet owners after the death is the best option when it comes to sending the pet off. There are two options that are always the best when it comes to sending off the pet. You can decide to perform burial or cremation. In the modern times, cremation has gained a lot of popularity among many pet owners in Singapore. The rate has increased as many people realise the several benefits pet cremation has instead of a burial. The following are some of the major benefits of carrying out pet cremation in Singapore.

Pet Cremation

Cost effectiveness

Nowadays many people understand the important roles that pets play at home. This has made many pet owners to hold burial ceremony just like it happens when a person dies. Compared to the cost incurred for holding a burial ceremony, cremation is more economical. There are several expenses that are associated with burial. For instance, there are a lot of things that you require including:
· a casket
· space of land
· flowers
· Some fees for the graveyard
All these will require you to have a good budget. However, when it comes to cremation you will incur lesser amount because you do not require all such things. This will be more beneficial if you are working on a small budget.

No need to have a casket

During pet cremation, the funeral takes place before the dead body of your pet is moved to the crematorium. Here the dead pet is placed in the cremation chamber where it is put under extreme heat. This means that you will not need to purchase a casket or container. In regard to this during the funeral of your pet, you can decide to rent a casket which will not cost you as much as you would when you decide to buy one. This also reduces the need for you to have flowers that are used to decorate the casket.

Pet Cremation

Save land

The demand for land has gone high in Singapore as a result of the increased population and the fact that land is also viewed as a great investment. There demand for land that is used to construct institutions, industries, hospital and for the good of the society. If more burials for pets are conducted, it means that more land will turn into graveyards. This is more especially nowadays when pets have become very common in many homes in Singapore. Pet cremation is the best option when it comes to saving of land, because no land is needed. After the cremation is over, you have the opportunity to store the ashes of the pet in an elegant cremation urn and have it forever.

Beneficial to the environment

From the environment point of view, cremation of the pet is the bets option compared to burial.

The caskets that are used for pet burial are not friendly to the environment. This is because it will be left insider the ground leading to more landfills. This will lead to unwanted material which can lead to land pollution. With cremation, the dead pet is exposed to extreme heat until there is no trace that is left to cause any side effect to the environment.
It is also good to note that the caskets are made of wood meaning that there is deforestation that takes place in the process in order to get the wood. Therefore in a way, pet cremation helps save precious trees. This goes a long way in helping reduce global warming and make the environment healthy.


Simplicity is something that should apply in all situations. When you have been left by your loved pet, you do not want to engage yourself in complex issues that will make the situation worse. Cremation offer high level simplicity compared to burial. This is because the entire process of cremation is just but very simple. This simplicity is beneficial as it ensures that you do not get overwhelmed with grief. In addition, you also do not want to get involved in making a lot of decisions such as buying caskets, the flowers that are great to order and others.

Pet Cremation

It is a fast process

Pet cremation is a fast and hygienic way to dispose the dead body of a pet. In addition, the idea of having a dead body rotting inside the ground after the burial also cause a lot of discomfort to many people. With cremation, you will have a great opportunity to keep the memories of the dead pet alive. The ashes provided by the crematorium can be stored in an urn inside your house. You will also have a good opportunity to carry the ashes to some of your favorite destinations and spread it on the land and air.

In order to ensure that you enjoy the above benefits you have to ensure that you work with the best pet cremation service in Singapore. Here are some of the ways to find the best service.

It is good to hire pet cremation service that will allow you get the cremated remain back. In most cases having private cremation is the only way that you will get the remains back. This happens because the cost is also higher compared to communal cremation of pets.

You should also make consideration of the services included and which ones will make you be charged extra cost. It is advisable to hire a cremation service that will offer the most services at a very affordable price.

It also important to check if you are allowed to visit their facilities. Never make the mistake of hiring a service that does not allow you to visit them in their place of work. This is a good sign that they might be having something they are hiding from you. They should also allow you to be present as you pet is being cremated.
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